ok so ive been eating healthy for 3+months and quit smoking 4 months back. I had a bad case of systematic candida in my lungs and heart and became anorexic/anaemic but im past that and ive almost conquered it but im still trying to get the feeling/emotion back in my heart and its not fully cleared up yet but i notice the muscle is weak and needs rebuilding how is the best/quickest way i go about this if i dont get out of the house much? thx 4 help
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replied June 15th, 2011
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First you have to be cleared by your doctor for exercise. Remember that the heart is just a big muscle. It is a specialized one, containing cardiac muscle fibers rather than skeletal muscle fibers.

Like any muscle, the heart will respond to the stress applied to it. So, any activity that gets your heartrate up for an extended period will build up the muscle fibers that are working. (If a muscle fiber has been injured and in now fibrous, it usually can't be built back up. That's why, during a heart attack, as many cells as possible want to be saved. Scar tissue doesn't contract or work.)

So, there are a lot of aerobic activities that can be done in the home. Some can be done to shows on TV. You should be able to contact your cardiac rehab specialist and ask for specific programs that would be appropriate for you.

Congratulations on beating your problems. Hope you get back to feeling better and can get out and about more.
Good luck,
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