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Really stressing...I take the pills correctly.

I've been taking alesse 28 faithfully now for almost a year. I would often miss periods before I went on birth control, but I haven't since I started taking the pills. My cycle has only regulated itself with the placebos in the past five months.
I'm a week late for my period! A week before my placebo pills were supposed to start, I woke up and found brown spotting on my underwear. The bleeding was enough to go through my underwear, but not through a light pad. It gradually turned red for a few days, then back to brown, progressively lighter, and stopped the week my placebo pills started. Could this have been my period even though there was no cramping?

Thinking it could have been implantation bleeding, I took a hpt (First Response) four days ago and it came up negative. I know it could have been too early to test. I'm really worried I could be pregnant, as I have a very active sex life with my boyfriend. I haven't missed a pill, and we use the pull-out method a few times this month when we ran out of condoms.

His mom called him the other day and told him the medium she sees announced she had a granddaughter on the way. Normally I don't believe in that kind of stuff, but this woman hasn't been wrong in the years his mom has been seeing her. His brother is married and has had two unplanned kids, so it could be his wife, if there's any truth to what this medium said. I guess it's just the icing on the cake for me. I am very careful to take the pills correctly, to be responsible.
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replied October 16th, 2012
If it helps, I also take synthroid every day for hypothyroidism. I take alesse three hours later to avoid any possible interaction with my thyroid medication.
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