My husband and i were married for 2 years and have been bf/gf for 8 years. I decided to marry him even my family especially my Mom didn't agree because of our religion, he is a muslim and i am a Christian . I fought for our love because i felt like he'll love me forever and he deserve all the risk i am taking. Until such time that i decided to work abroad away from him due to financial reasons like i want to supoort my mom again monthly because when i tried to apply in his workplace its very difficult to have even a single spot. Until last month he confessed to me that he is inlove with someone else and he's no longer happy with us anymore. By that time i cant believe because i know and i expected that maybe becausenof my absence only that's ehy he said that but later on he became so rude and heartless towards me already. So even it happened already i tried to fix our relationship, i came here to himbut i cant do anything about it anymore. He is really a total different person now. He's telling me sorry but its been a long time already that he's not happy with us anymore and he wants to be happy with that girl. Now he left me like a trash after everything I'd done for him. Yes i have a lot of shortcomings in our relationship but i think i dont deserve this lmkind of treatment. Well anyway God sees my heart. Im just praying and leaving everything to him.
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