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Really bad stomach cramps from period!

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I have been to doctors before and none of them have made me go through tests or something of the sort, I started having my periods since I was 8, in my second year of having this I started having these really bad cramps every time my period would come (like the first day), But now after having this, its been now about 15 years already the pains have been really really bad I can't even get up in the morning and also the discharge its been really heavy the pain now prolongs for longer than before. Like this month my period started on 25th of december and now today is already 27th and I have been taking pills like Anadin and the pain comes back also my lower back is really sore and its been 3 days that I've been having cramps. I try to do a search online to see if other people have been having this same sort of cramps and ...Could I be one of the % of women that could have (Endometriosis)?

The most common symptoms that it is stating on that page are mostly the ones I normally have and also have the headaches when I get my period.

Thanks for your time.

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replied December 27th, 2009
I had a girlfriend who wold get horrible cramps. asprin wouldnt help, she wouldnt go to school when her period came on. i really believe she had endo also.
You have to go to your doctor and make them pay you attention. Tell them that you cant live like this and they have to do something. You have to be aggressive with doctors because they will ignore you.
You should educate yourself with endo and find out what other people with it are doing to get relief. When you talk to your doctor have a list of questions you want to ask him. i have to do this because my doctor is usually out of my room in three minutes.
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