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Ready To Quit... Some Questions!

I am 22 years old. I started smoking at 18 to prove a point to my Mom and Dad that it is all in your head. Well... I was obviously wrong. It snuck up on me like a shadow and now I am addicted. I have been with my husband for 4 years, just got married on April 14th. He smokes too. I am currently smoking a cigarette as I type this... sad huh?

I have seen the effects of smoking on my Dad. He is 70 and has smoked for YEARS. Now has emphysema, on oxygen and cant hardly make it to the kitchen without getting out of breath. Scares me to death!!

I have tried the e cigarette and it just don't do much good. I was hoping to try the gum and patch together. Because I am already a little over weight and I know if I stop smoking, Ill resort to eating. Just want to keep my mouth busy!

I even thought about talking to my doctor about prescribing me something. However, I have herd it causes irritability, anger issues ect and umm... isn’t that how you act anyway when you first quit?

I think the longest I have been without a cigarette is one day and boy was I on edge, PLUS raiding my fridge!

The hardest thing about quitting is going to be, my husband. He will still be smoking and I have asked him to quit with me, but I know that isn’t going to happen; he has no desire to. I do know, if I do try and quit, he will be willing to smoke outside and no around me, but in turn... it will still be hard.

I just want to be rid of smoking and the more I talk about it, the happier I become about finally being smoke free. It sucks... I used to always get onto my parents about smoking and here I am today with a damn cigarette in my hand. How did I get here?

Any advice from people who made it PLEASE help! Tips, tricks, ect. I don't want to be like my Dad in a couple years, or have a heart attack, stroke or cancer. I want to be rid of this nasty habit! If I could go back 4 years, I would never have lit up that first cigarette!
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