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Reactive Hypoglycemia - Need to figure a way to get carbs in

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Struggled all my life with it, I'm a 33 year old male. Worked out why I felt I did when I was mid twenties. Got a diagnosis of doctor, GTT showed my blood sugar going down to 1.6mmol.

Depression, brain fog, dizzyness, lack of concentration, fatigue, frequent urination, no libido are all my symptoms as well as everything around that.

I've done lots of stupid diets to try and fix it, including drinking tons of orange juice (why), milk (o dear) etc.

Low carb diets, clear up much of the worst of the symptoms, paleo, atkins seem to work to an extent. However I am a very active guy, work physically and like to exercise. It seems no matter how far into ketosis, how much fat (I've spooned coconut oil straight into my mouth) I can never get enough energy, I feel tired weak, lethargic etc.

The interesting thing I found is that when I have been low carbing a while, and well adapted. When I feel crappy from low carbs, if I have one meal of mega carbs, like a couple of of litres of orange juice, I feel a bit rubbish for a few hours, BUT the next day I am like a different person, I am energetic, motivated, happy.

Continuing to eat carbs takes me back to where I was, but one high carb meal seems ok and keeps me up for a few days. Like it refuels my glycogen stores for a few days perhaps, sparks up my thyroid, who knows.

Anyway, I'm in a and place right now after trying to adhere to the SCD diet but high carb, I'm feeling awful. Struggling to focus enough to eat low carb and get at least some clarity back. Need to figure a way to get the carbs in with the smallest impact on my life. Read a thread about always eating carbs with protein and in a certain ratio. Interesting.

Just hoping for some support, discussion, advice.

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replied July 16th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
You positively need to see a dietician. You can't load up on carbs and expect that to last you. I does not work that way. If you are having low sugar problems you need for example...your times might be earlier than mine...but this a sample
8am breakfast, 10 am fruit..12noon lunch..2pm fruit...4 pm dinner...8pm before bed 1/2 peanut butter sandwich & 1 cup milk.....keep cheese or peanut butter crackers and juice packs with you at all times for low sugars.
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replied July 30th, 2015
Your experience is really similar to mine. It is difficult for me to determine which foods work because I might have a reaction the a couple hours later or the next day. Some foods cause me to fall into a rut again for a few days.

Foods that seem to give me an instant or delayed reaction are fruits and milk. I seem to get the worst reactions to sweetener products (sugar alcohols, sorbitol, malitol, etc.), although I can handle splenda.

Carbs that seem to work for me are oatmeal (not instant), avocado, and Ezekial bread. Event with those,

Please come back and post if you find a diet that works. I've been struggling with this for years now. It is really frustrating.
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