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Reactive Hypoglycemia & Adrenaline

Hi everyone! I'm new to these boards and looking forward to being able to gather info and communicate with others who have this strange and sometimes frustrating condition.

I've had reactive hypoglycemia for years, but after a particular episode, my symptoms seem to have changed quite alot. Before then, I would have the textbook "crash" after eating too much sugar - would get very sleepy, sluggish, cranky, and shaky. Often I would take a nap, but my body would usually "reset" pretty quickly, after a day or so.
The particular episode was a weekend during which I drank alcohol twice (bad mistake, I have alcohol intolerance), ate poorly, didn't sleep enough, and was out in cold weather for a long time. On Monday morning I woke up with a sense of buzzing and tingling all over my body so strong that I could barely feel other things unless I concentrated on them, pounding heart, inability to concentrate on anything, terrible IBS, and dizziness. This was different and more extreme than any hypoglycemic episode I had ever felt - It felt like a panic attack that lasted for several days, complete with insomnia, restless leg stuff, just a complete inability for my body to calm down. To be honest, I was absolutely terrified that I had developed fibromyaglia, chronic fatigue, or something else in that constellation of autoimmune disorders. Since then I have had a couple more episodes like this, successively less dramatic as I have realized that they DO go away and I do return to a baseline.
Since this began, however, I feel like my hypoglycemia has changed. Instead of getting tired, sluggish, and sleepy, my whole body revs up and seems to fill with adrenaline. I can't sleep restfully unless I eat protein right before bed, and during stressful or emotional conversations I can feel the adrenaline dump and the hypoglycemia start up.

Has anyone had this type of experience, where the symptoms of their hypoglycemia change dramatically? Does this sound like a worsening of hypoglycemia, or just a sensitizing to adrenaline? For those of you who get a huge adrenaline release from your hypoglycemia, what do you do or use to calm your body down and return to baseline?

(FYI, in the last few years I have also developed alcohol intolerance, lactose intolerance, and IBS. I'm pretty scared of developing an autoimmune issue, especially because my twin sister already suffers from interstitial cystitis, my aunt suffered from MS, and we just seem to be a "sensitive" family to these sorts of issues. As for diet, I currently eat NO simple sugars, pastas, potatoes, etc, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, and occasionally eat brown or wild rice, quinoa, and beans.)

Thanks for reading!
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replied June 11th, 2013
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sounds absolutely normal for someone suffering with reactive hypoglycemia. here is your problem "which I drank alcohol twice (bad mistake, I have alcohol intolerance), ate poorly, didn't sleep enough".
after eating badly and drinking alcohol its going to take a while for your body to adjust back. basically by having this slip up youve started the whole process off again, its gona take around 6 months of being 100% perfect on the diet before you can afford any of these slip ups.
adrenaline is often released in hypoglycemics in large amounts in response to fluctuating blood sugar levels. if your diet is spot on and blood sugar levels are balanced you will feel better. but it needs to be kept for at least 6 months otherwise you will make yourself worse in the long run.
it sounds aswell like you could be dealing with a lot of stress and not sleeping well which is gona be a major contributor in why everything is out of whack. learn to relax, 15 minutes of day doing deep breathing, go slower in day to day life. supplement with vit c and magnesium citrate to calm and nourish your nerves.
sounds like your hypoglycemia is getting worse and will continue too until you get things in check.
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