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Re: pre existing condition of hiv+

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a 61 year old retired UK citizen currently residing in Thailand. I was diagnosed with HIV+ in June 2013. Unfortunately, my health insurance which I successfully applied for STARTED a month later., so when I was in hospital being treated for a totally unrelated health problem, the company decided not to pay as I did not disclose to them my hiv status when the policy came through. Do you know of any company that will provide a health insurance policy with my pre existing condition? Ironically, I am looking for a health insurance policy to take care of my medical conditions OTHER than hiv. In the last three months, my viral load test comes back undetected and my cd4 level is 536. I have been on Atripla since being diagnosed.
I will mainly be based in the Far East from now on so I won't need any cover for the Western Hemisphere.
Yours sincerely,
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