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re-active hypoglycemia diet

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As of right now I'm eating a lot of whole grain breads, pastas and fruit. I've tried to do research but it's all really confusing to me. If someone could break is down in dumby form I'd appreciate it! Smile
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replied January 12th, 2011
In very simple terms, leave all bulk forms of carbohydrate off your plate, and give the sugar, cakes and suites a complete miss. Eat no grains of any sort (yes, even whole grains and so-called 'complex carbs'). These are all sugar within the time span you are concerned with. Eat only small quantities of fruit and starchy vegetables.

This means a low carb diet, which in turn means eating more fat (you have to get your energy somewhere.) And no, fats are not bad for you, only certain fats are bad for you (especially trans fats like margarine - and many heat extracted PUFA's.)

And no, cholesterol has little to do with heart attacks, abnormal blood sugar levels lead to heart problems (and many more problems.) Learn to keep your blood sugar within normal limits (an A1c test will tell you how you are doing - should be < 5%)

A quick way to work out your diet:

1. Subtract 100 from your height in cm. This is the number of gram of pure protein you need. Multiply by 5 to get the grams of meat, fish and eggs you should be eating (about the volume of your fist.)
2. Carbs should be half of the weight of protein.
3. Fats should be 2.5-3.5 times the weight of protein.

For someone 180cm tall - 80g protein:40g carbs:200-280g fat
- start with 400g meat, fish and eggs per day.
- restrict carbs to 40g (this is the amount in only 1 1/3 slices of white bread - but don't eat white bread!)
- and about a cup of fat (this is the tricky one - eat fatty cuts of meat (including marrow and offal), egg yolks, liver pate made with lard etc.) - if you find you are OK with dairy - also cream and cheese.

For someone 160cm tall - 60g protein:30g carbs:150-210g fat
- begin with 300g of meat, fish and eggs per day.
- carbs are now equivalent to 1 slice of white bread
- and about 3/4 cup fat per day.

Hope this helps.
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