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RBC low, chest pain after enlarged spleen

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Please forgive the length.

Approx. 7 years ago I woke in the middle of the night with a piercing pain on my left side. After CT scans I was told I had "a slightly enlarged spleen and fatty liver" I was seen by a hematologist and over about a year and a half of appointments and additional CT scans/blood work I was told no cause could be found (Blood work was normal). Throught this year and a half I also began to have pain on the right side and odd pain in my throat (feels like pressure built up in a hose) along where I image arteries are. These two things didn't seem to worry the doc.

I then went awhile without seeing a doc but the pains remain. I periodically would have my blood checked. Approx two years after first ab pain, I was then told I had high (to really high) triglycerides and low cholestoral (good and bad). I began to take fenofibrate (160mg) This brought the Tri down to normal. I would get periodic checks on blood and everything looked fine (pains in ab/neck remained)

About 3-4 years ago I then noticed sharp to nagging pains in the chest. Never was told my heart sounded odd and I did a treadmill EKG and it looked normal. I was told it probably was inflamation of cartilidge around my sternum.

In another attempt to find out about my ab pains, I was seen by a liver specialist looking into the fatty liver issue. I had a biopsy and it was fine.

Everything remained static until end of last year. I decided to lose weight (I'm 6'2" and was up to 240). I lost 50 lbs between Sep-Nov to get to my goal weight of 190. I was doing alot of cardio and eating very little (I didnt go hungry little food throughtout day/ granted it was alot les calories I was use to). I began to get light headed.and would be dizzy on occasion after standing up. I figured this was due to diet.

After I hit 190 I have gone back to my normal eating habits (been eating normally for about 3 months now). But the dizzy spells still occur on occasion. After I had one time where I actually saw the room going dark I thought I needed to see the doc again..

Doc tested my sitting/standing bloodpressure and it was normal. She said she noticed a slight heart murmur (first I've heard of this) She did a EKG and it was normal. After blood work she said my red blood cells were low. Also, my triglycerides were extremely low and she said I needed lower dose of fenofibrate (45mg) since it looked like my weight loss had helped me with them. She ordered a iron/B12 test thinking that it was my recent weight loss/diet that was hurting my blood cell count. But I just got the results back and iron/B12 was normal. She didn't look into odd chest pains or murmur further saying that it may be result of the low red blood cells. She has now refered me to a hematologist.

Now I'm wondering if its all connected. Is there something that would have had me get a large spleen but 7 years later more things come out. What should I ask my doctor about? Could my loss of weight somehow caused my spleen to overwork?

Recap on my issues:

- Enlarged spleen/fatty liver (7 years ago, no cause seen after blood work) - Have felt it there ever sense
- Pressure feeling along neck (7 years ago) - Have felt it sense
- dull to occasionally sharp pains in chest. (originally along sternum (4 years ago) but recently seems to be more along the left side)
- light headed/ occasional dizzyness when going from seated to standing (since last Nov)
- slight heart murmur (recently heard, normal EKG --no Echo since pursuing the hema)
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