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Rashes on arms and legs - std ?

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Hi I am a 28 year old A.A woman. I had unprotected sex a year ago. And ever since I have been experiencing some weird symptoms. Such as swollen lymph nodes, head aches, red rashes on the arms and legs, but mostly legs. The rash size varies they don't itch but I have scratched off the surface layer and it's tiny little wholes with blood. I have taken well over 6 hiv tests and every STD test. Thank God all of which have come back Negative and I haven't put myself back at risk. My Doc keeps saying it's dry skin but my sexual partner had these dark marks on his arms and I thought it was acne. I have no way of getting in contact with him to find out what did he give me. Is there a new std out there that Dr.'s don't know about? I'm confused and have been a nervous wreck for a year. The rashes are leaving dark marks on my legs and now I'm ashamed to even wear a skirt that reveals my legs. Please help anyone. Thanks, Monique
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replied September 25th, 2009
Hi monique26pm, actually my girlfriend has the exact similar symptoms to what you have...

Have you figured out what's the cause?

Did you find any solutions?

I understand this must be very devastating for you, as well as for my girlfriend..

If you wouldn't mind sharing I would really appreciate it...

Thank you
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