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Rashes in the 2nd week of FET- Please opine

Question This is third IVF and 2nd FET for my wife. In last FET initially HCG-beta was positive after 15 days. During that period she suffered some classical symptoms of pregnancy but there was severe itching and swollen rashes on skin. they looked like the allergic rashes forms when someone's skin comes into contact with the caterpillars. However, on 3rd week the symptoms started subsiding and eventually we got a negative result.

This time same thing is happening albeit in much lower scale since anti allergic medicine is being administered orally now.

I am worried whether this is some kind of rejection mechanism of her body to the foreign body like the fetus transplanted in her womb?

I am 42 my wife 34
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replied June 25th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
rashes r in the hundreds to thousands and 95% r probably never zero'd in on. Try not to read too much into it at this time.
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