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rashes from stress and anxiety.

i have sufferd from severe anxiety im not on any meds for it,...but i was wondering if this rash ihave on my upper chest is from has been ther since sept...and it dont itch at all..the only time it bothers me is when i see it or start to play with it..some days its barley there..somedays itcomes on at a loss. Rolling Eyes
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replied May 18th, 2009
About your rash...

Well, it looks like we are in the same boat! I suffer from panic attacks going on 10 years now, and I know what you are going through (I get rashes on my upper chest area too!) What works sometimes is using tea-tree poultices--they relieve the itch, and make the red rash go a way for a spell--well at least until I have another "Big" panic crisis! I hope this helped!
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