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Rash on penis head

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Hi! I have a problem. I tested for std's and came up negative for all of them, however after intercourse with my girlfriend I tend to get this red rash on my penis head and sometimes towards the end of the shaft. They are just red and sometimes they have a white head on them. They are very tiny and do not cause any pain. Very rarely does it cause any itching. My girlfriend is also clean of any std's. She has given me oral even with the bumps and she has no symptoms or any spreading on her. The rash has not spread anywhere else on my body. I shower regularly and am not circumsized. It also does not burn when I urinate nor is there any discharge. Can anyone help or know what may be causing all this? Could it be irritation because her vagina is tight? Please help. Thanks.
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replied April 24th, 2009

Sounds like penile papules, but nothing to worry about.
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