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Rash on my inner thigh, jock itch??

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(i suppose i should give some background first) I have this red rash on my inner thigh and i have had sex before but i know a little about the body and it doesnt seem to be an std of any Ive heard. I haven't had any sexual activity within the past few months that would cause this either. and my sexual partner doesn't have this at all. The rash is itchy and it has bumps some of them filled with pus due to me scratching them open before i knew it was there. Ive done some research and it seems to have all the symptoms of jock itch but im unsure. My testicles were touching it before i knew it was there so the itching was on both thigh and that side of the testies that were touching, i dabbed alcohol on both and it vanished from my testies and now seems to be isolated on my thigh which is where i believe it started it seems to have spread slightly down my thigh but doesnt seem to be going anywhere else i started applying this fungus powder to the area like a day or two ago and some of it has cleared up already but the main area still seems unphased which is why im unsure if its jock itch or not. any advice would be helpful thank you
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replied July 3rd, 2011
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try this; go to a vitamin store (must be vitamin store)
spend about25 bucks on the highest culture count probiotics u can find, and take them over the next 5 days and this should allow u a minimum of 100 billion culture counts daily (not million)
USE A FEW of these probiotic capsules to open and mix with the anti fungal cream or any other product u put on the affected area
it should get better but if it spreads u will need an evaluation by the Dr or self treat for fungus but the best products r available by prescription although u could easily buy online if u know what products u would need. BUT AGAIN the Dr would be best choice
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