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rash on left shoulder blade

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i get a rash on my left shoulder every once and a while it gets very itchy and raised it is usually always in the same area and it sometimes hurts because it itches so much. it looks like a bunch of mosquito or flea bites. it can be sparingly or some times it is quite a bit. it almost seems like at times its in clusters. i get it on my shoulder and underneath my arm where it almost meets the armpit. it never gets in the armpit. it is always in the same area and this has been going on for years. sometimes it seems to cause pain under my shoulder blade. it feels like it is connected on the inside of the skin. there is no liquid that seeps out or no heads or points on them and it doesnt seem to be red only if i scratch it to much. theres no discoloration it just itches quite a bit. and can be painful when it is flared up. my doctor thought it could be an allergy but the rash is always in the same area and it can come and go. could it be from the liquid soap i use? and if so why in the same area and not other parts of my body. please try to help me.
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replied March 8th, 2010
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I wish I could help you...the only thing I can suggest is washing that area with Selsun Blue. Call me crazy but It helps with skin issues...I had some bumps on my thighs for a long time..a nurse suggested I use Selsun blue as a body wash...Those bumps are gone..I dont think it will hurt. If you get desperate..order some Sandle and Neem cream and try it...I have some on the way and I hear that you can use that stuff for almost anything..As far as the itching...I would use a hydrocortisone cream. I hope this helps alittle..As far as the source, i dont know what could cause this.
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