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Rapid joint/bone deterioration. Drs wont diagnos

I'm 34 and haven't be physically hard on my body.. A little over a year ago I almost fell when I got out of bed and started limping.. within 6 months I went from limping, to using a can and on to crutches. I have a surgery scheduled for October for a full hip replacement.. the dr filled In the diagnosis part "right hip pain" anyways, since then, my left hip/leg is right behind it along with knees and shoulders.. I'm not sure what to even post on something like this forum to get any helpful advice.. all I've had imaging wise is an xray.. I'm afraid they are treating the effects of something without knowing what is actually going on. I'm no dr at all and just have ideas from reading about different people's symptoms and experience. I think its osteoncrosis but no idea why.. I know that most of my major joints are constantly bothering me and I cant walk .. it feels like my bones are rotting is the only way I can explain.. if anyone has anything that might be helpful, please do
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