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Rapid Heart Rate, Shortness of Breath, Dizzy from TALKING

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I am 22 yr old male with history of mild anxiety. Recently my anxiety has increased and here are the symptoms I'm having:

Current symptoms:

-Daytime anxiety- racing thoughts, heart palpitations, shortness of breath. Symptoms subside towards in the evening.
-Talking/Speaking INCREASES heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and dizziness feels like i may blackout. Symptoms subside in evening.

I have gotten MRI done on my Brain/Neck and and MRA on my neck and everything is clear. My doctors insist that these symptoms are because of anxiety, but im not fully convinced. I am scared that it is something else.

Is it a common symptom of anxiety to have increased heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and feeling i will black out simply from TALKING??

What else could this be? My sleeping habits are bad. I sleep around 3AM and wake up around noon. Since I feel better in the evening I want to be up at night time.

So my main question is, is it a common symptom of anxiety to have increased heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and feeling i will black out simply from TALKING? Is this just anxiety or should I get some particular tests done?

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First Helper mullicks16

replied February 20th, 2011
help pls?
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replied September 5th, 2017
No. Anxiety cannot cause breathlessness due to talking AT ALL. Six years have gone by but if you are interested, my sister also gets a very similar problem. This problem is really rare I think. She also begins fainting when someone talks for too long. It is not Fibromylagia but you can check for yourself.
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replied April 11th, 2011
Based on what my cardiologist told me, breathing patterns can affect how your heart beats. For example if you take a deep breath in, and feel your pulse on your neck, you can feel your heart beat faster. Then if you take a long slow exhale it'll slow down.

So when you're talking, it's possible depending on how long you're talking before you take a breath, it could make your heart beat a little irregular, but you only notice it because of the anxiety (which i suffer from as well). The fact of the matter is nobody's heart beats at a perfect rhythm. A heart palpitation is generally defined as an "awareness of one's own heart beat". Those of us who have to deal with anxiety tend to be very good at being aware of our heart beat. I get them here and there, and also when i'm singing and playing drums at the same time (talk about really screwing with your breathing pattern!)

I think it's safe to say talking itself does not cause problems with your heart or will cause you to black out, but it's really your underlying anxiety that is associating talking with the symptoms. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE OR PASS OUT! Smile

If you've seen a cardiologist, and you checked out fine, then you most likely don't have very much to worry about.

Believe me man, I've been in your boat, it's very easy to play the "what if the doctor is wrong" game. So far what has helped me the most is Xanax and Xanax XR (extended release). For me, my anxiety comes and goes in spells/periods, usually during stressful periods in my life. Xanax is one of those types of meds that you can go use when you need it and get off it easily (vs some of the other meds like celexa or paxil, which i got brain zaps while coming off of those). It all depends on your situation and just how bad your anxiety really is.

Good luck to you!
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replied September 28th, 2011
Find a reputable Naturopath
I'm struggling with chronic persistent shortness of breath where I run out of breath when I'm talking. Talking for more than a few minutes actually makes me tired. I'm struggling with tiredness bordering on fatigue, too, and so far, 6 doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I've been reading about magnesium deficiency, and something else called "Adrenal Fatigue", which isn't accepted by most licensed doctors. There's lots of evidence out there, though, that a Naturopath (who understands herbal supplements, diet, and other things like breathing techniques, exercise, and even acupuncture) can help when our licensed docturs are stumped. Don't just go taking herbs, though, as some of them can mess you up or make you worse. Try finding a reputable naturopath in your area and see if s/he can help you. This is my next step.
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replied October 17th, 2013
Anxiety Cure!!!!
Anxiety is more horrible then ppl can think espeically Social Anxiety ..I suffered from Anxiety all my life (33 years) and has n number of physical symptoms and mental symptoms. Actually Anxiety is called as "Sycosomatic Dieases" which means Their Root lies in Mind and symptoms appears to be on Body . I don't think there is any permanent cure of Anxiety however following things can be Damn helpful which I tried in my life.

1) Daily Meditations
Osho No Mind (also called Gibrish)
Mindfulness Meditation (with Half closed Eyes and
Osho Dynamic Meditations
Tratak (On Candle in night or on Black Dot)

2) Exercises & Sports ( Gym , Tai Chi, Yoga , Walking, Table Tennis , Chess etc)

3) Gentle Pranayams for Max 15 Mins ( Brahmri
Pranayam and Anolom Vilom
4) Diet Full of Vitamins ( 2 Ripe Banana's , Almonds (Diped in water at Night) Apples , Eggs , Fish, Milk, Lotus seeds, Anjeer (Diped in water), Cocunut Water

5) Regular Sunbath(15-20 mins Daily)

6) Regular Body, Head, and Face massage at least once 1 week from different Oils Mustard, Coconut , Til Oil

7) Regular Prayer to GOD

sorry for poor english but I hope that will help people!!!! God Bless everyone
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replied November 1st, 2013
Have you Checked vitamin b12 levels. Low levels can give you anxiety like symptoms . In USA levels are to low between 200 And 1000. In Europe less then500 is consider low .check your level and if they low take supplement . Good luck
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replied March 2nd, 2015
Palpitations when speaking or singing
I have had palpitations for ages, and there are different types and causes. One cause for me was due to hashimoto's thyroid disease where the thryoid can alternate between high and low, and the other, which I am still trying to convince doctors of , is a severe hiatal hernia. When it "shifts" it is awful, and even talking can cause palps, because the extra volume of stomach up high puts pressure on the heart, and I get blood pressure elevations also; in addition to the papls. It is scary when it happens, and I believe that it needs treatment or I could end up with more severe consequences . BTW, there are two types of hiatal hernia; the most common normally doesn't cause any problems but a paraesophageal can cause these problems. Good luck.
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