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Rapid heart beat while lying down

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Dear Doctors,
I've got this rapid heart beat while lying down just ready for bed. Even though I'm very tired this very fast heart beating had made me hard to sleep. I have to get up again for at least couple hours and then I'm able to sleep again.
However, my husband and I have been trying for babies just recently and this irregular heart beat has just begun since then. Does that mean I'm pregnant or have I got a heart disease?? My next period is not due for another week, that means this will still bother me for at least one more week. Sad
I've also been taking folic acid as I've been told this would be good during pregnancy or trying to get pregnant. Would this be part of the reason?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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replied July 29th, 2009
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Rapid heart beat can be experienced during an early pregnancy.
Still, the cause can be due to anxiety and stress, or it could be due to anemia or overactive thyroid gland.

Best wishes!
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