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Randy , 21 ; multiple symptoms

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Hi, I'm Randy. I guess everything started at the middle of high school. I used to be a very bright kid. I used to be able to solve problems really fast with excellent detail. But I'm 21 now, I can remember a lot of my old past, I was cut in the head with a cutting knife when I was 4, I remember how it happened and even the drive to the hospital until I passed out. I've had a lot of back problems, I have trouble standing for long periods of times, my vision in my left eye has gotten really bad, and now my right eye is starting to go. I have trouble breathing, but I used to smoke cigarettes, so that may be why. I have headaches very often, and my memory has gone really bad these past couple of years, I can't even remember what I did last week, I have been very tiresome for the past few years, I have chest, stomach, and side pains often. My legs, arms, and hands fall asleep and go numb often. I'm 5'8 132 lbs. I'm really sensitive now, I cry a lot. I feel alive, but dead.

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