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when my boyfriend and i had sex he did wear a condom and to my knowledge it didn't break or anything. then after he left i took one of my old birth control pills then another one 12 hours the plan b pill, but i know they aren't as strong as the plan B pill. i am not on birth control right now i just had a pack left.

so a week later i started what i thought was my period and it lasted the usual 5 days. it was 2 weeks early which i didn't think was weird since i had taken birth control pills.

well today (about a week after my "period" ended) i started bleeding again. nothing heavy or anything but at times it looked like spotting and at times it was pink also.

what could be the cause of this random bleeding i started today? is it likely that i am pregnant since he did wear a condom? i have never had random bleeding like this before
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replied May 13th, 2010
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brunojohn, Just like with Plan B you will have withdrawal bleeding about a week after taking a high dose of normal BC pills. You do however have to make sure you use your pills in the correct way if you want to use it for EC. The University of Princeton runs a site that lists the dosage for normal pills used as EC (use the Google and search for "not2late", from the home page click on "Get Emergency Contraception NOW", on the next page use "Search by BRAND OF PILLS", choose your country and brand of pills)

Your hormones are probably on the blink because of the random way you used the pills. It is very unlikely that you will be pregnant because of the following:

* You had sex during your infertile time
* You used a condom that did not break

If you have any doubts about being pregnant, take an early results pregnancy test and repeat it 7 days after your period was due to confirm the results.

It is perfectly ok for you to ask him to take a quick peek at the condom after he takes it off to make sure it is still intact. That way you will know if something bad happened and can take the necessary actions. Of course, using condoms and the pill is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Best of luck!
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