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random stinging on entire body

I am a 45 year old Asian female with past history of depression.

Roughly around June 29th last year (2015), I did some hip exercises (rotation of the hip) and contracted this weird disease that damages the skin. There are random stings on the entire body (including the eyeballs), and for the locations that stung, the area of skin will turn slightly red and indented (i.e. sink). This all happens in the span of a second. The affected areas (e.g. areas of redness) is completely irregular in shape, almost as if a layer of flesh beneath the skin was gone in an instant. Some affected areas don't sink in as much and is recoverable. Some of the other more affected areas are permanent in nature, causing indented scars similar to that of severe acne. A few months after contracting this (in late-2015), the stinging mostly stopped, being replaced by an itch (like the sensation of a paintbrush being brushed over the skin), and the symptoms are much more concentrated on the face instead of anywhere else. These symptoms has caused much distress to me personally, since my skin was a lot smoother before I contracted this.

I've been to several doctors in the past year (2015) and not a single one could help me out with this, so any help or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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