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Random scabs appearing on body

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Hi there,

So, I have had random scabs start to appear on my body, out of nowhere. They are not from cuts. Some showed up on my legs and are small, round and reddish. They eventually heal but more have showed up. Weeks ago a strange, grayish-yellowish scab appeared on my left shin. That has since healed too. Many, many scabs showed up on my buttocks and have not really healed - they seemed to have sort of healed but have turned a dark grey or black color. Recently, a cluster of tiny pinprick scabs showed up on my stomach, and today another cluster of those pinprick scabs showed up on my right arm. My scabs heal but these random ones show up out of nowhere. Does anyone have any idea what these scabs could be caused by? I have a dermatologist appointment but that is in January.
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replied December 12th, 2013
random scabs
me too...haven't seen a doc..did you find anything out?
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