I'm a 22 year old healthy female. I recently gave birth in March 2015. I am on a gluten free, semi-paleo diet. I don't eat fast food. Starting around the middle of July I noticed some small clear skin-colored bumps on my stomach. They seemed to be itchy, but I didn't think much about it. During the following weeks, it became more red, itchy, and irritated. As I scratched, it spread all over my body. It hasn't spread to anyone else living in the home, and is now on my stomach, thighs, legs, back, and chest.
I have uploaded a couple of pictures here:
http://[image removed]*/view.php?pic=2rww9ja&s=8#.VeLUkP Rdoa4
http://[image removed]*/view.php?pic=211q6px&s=8#.VeLVHf Rdoa5

It's driving me crazy, so I would really love to get an answer.

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