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Random fatigue and cravings

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Some days when im out playing basketball i get struck by a sudden fatigue making me feel nauseated and in general uncontrolable (emotionaly)
the strange thing about this tho is the fact that ever time it starts slowly an intense craving for sweet foods comes over me, making me feel as if i really need one of the following chocolate, apples and lollies but the bad thing is i tend to eat a huge amount of them for it to go away
last time it happend without bearly knowing what i was doing i melted 4 fredoes onto 2 large danish's and had 2 apples 2 glasses of coke and a few otehr bits and pieces i dont remember.
Some other symptoms are getting cold hands with a slight tingle to them
and attitude changhing rapidly from serious to happy and feeling liek randomly laughing
To be honest the closest thing i could asosiate the dizzy feelings to would be being drunk, as i have complete bodily control yet i act stupid feel dizzy and cant consentrate

(i didnt read over this so the grammar is probably shocking sorry)
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replied November 27th, 2010
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Have you been checked for hypoglycemia / diabetes?

I've had episodes like yours and determined that I was hypoglycemic...haven't had one in a long time. I would get weak, cravings for sweets / carbs, clammy hands with tingling at times with what felt like an out of body experience when getting dizzy... best way to explain the latter. I knew that I was not outside my body but felt disconnected with tunnel vision and felt like I could pass out at any moment.

Some people pay good money to experience this...personally I'd pay good money not to experience it ever again!

I'd say it's your sugar however strongly recommend that you get this evaulaed by your doctor for appropriate tests.

Best Wishes,

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