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Random Bruising

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I got these really random bruises a few weeks back. I first had one on my right hand then one of my left hand, both in the middle on top. Each showed up after one dissapeared. But I did nothing to get them, and I thought getting bruises in the middle of my hand was very weird. Then I got another bruise on my forearm close to where the arm bends that was very sensitive to the touch,again I did nothing that I know would've gave me the bruise and it lasted me for weeks. I then noticed two huge bruises one on the back of my leg and one on my bottom. I may have gotten the one on my leg from work from a child accidently bouncing a ball that hit me but I don't think it hit hard enough to cause a bruise.I know i've always gotten random bruises that I had no idea where they came from and they would mostly show on my legs. And I heard there was a disease that causes this, it was on a show and a child died from it.I'm sure I don't have it but I was just wondering if there was and what it was called. Or what else might be causing random bruising,I know my mom is Anemic so maybe that is a cause?
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replied July 16th, 2011
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We start to bruise more easily as we age, this is a normal process. However, in a young person, easy bruising can be due to several things.

Some medicines like steroids (prednisone) can cause problems with bleeding. Platelets are a component of the blood responsible for the formation of the clot. If you do not have enough of these, you can bleed very easily, even to the point of being life threatening. There are also clotting disorders, in which the person cannot form clots because they are missing certain proteins.

If the bruising continues, or gets worse, you may need to see your physician and have some tests done. Good luck.
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replied April 3rd, 2012
Hi, I have had this random bruising for years. But it's been getting worse. I get them on my arms and legs. I'm a careful person because I try to prevent myself from getting bruised since I noticed this starting to happen. Some bruises hurt some don't. About 3 weeks ago I hurt wrist at work. I thought I had just sprained it, so I would wrap it in a tender bandage when using my hand. I swelled a but and hurt, but this past week my wrist started to bruise really bad. There is a part of the bruise that was bruised so bad the blood vessels popped. I'm wondering if this is something more then having a vitamin deficiency?
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