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Random Ability To Feel Other People's Emotions

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I feel like I can tell and read people's emotions from just looking at their eyes. It's like I can read their soul or something like that. I feel amazed and mildly disturbed that I can do this. I've helped 3 people get over with their emotional problems with this "skill" and I do have plans to be a doctor, but not a psychology one. I'm just 14 years old and I haven't had any problems with my physical and mental health in my life. I don't do drugs because it's wrong and illegal (and very expensive because I have no money). Is there something wrong with me?
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replied July 1st, 2012
No, I'm 15 and I'm very much the same. I believe it's just that we're more in tune with everyone else and can, therefore be very empathetic when needed. Have you ever seen Sherlock Holmes, haha? Smile A bit farfetched, but I like to believe that we're just observant and can easily put ourselves into the shoes of a random person just by looking at them. I can do the same thing, and there's nothing wrong with me Smile Has this helped you?
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