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Raising a Child in a "same-sex" home

Hello everyone,
I am in a ''same-sex'' amazing relatinship. We have been together eight months, which I know isn't a real long time but our relationship is so good. We get along great, we can set around and laugh and just hang out and have more fun than if we was to go out. Eitha one of us has ever experienced anything like our relationship before. So needless to say we plan on staying together the rest of our lives... I know that is said alot but I know this love is for real and forever. I am only twenty one but she is thirty seven. We both love kids and lately we have been talking about children. We want a child of our own, obviously she can't get me pregnant, but we are talking about asking her brother to donate his sperm, That way the child will be a part of me and have her familys blood also. I have pcos and I tried to concieve for three years with my ex with no luck. So I am going to go to the doctor and get on a fertility plan if we decide to go threw with this. I have always wanted children. I feel like I am ment to be a mother and i am not complete unless I do become a mother. We are finicially, physically and emotionally ready to try and have a family. We are trying to make this all happen in the next three to four years because she wants this before she gets too old. So if it dosn't happen by time she is fourty, we are going to stop trying. I want this more than anything else right now and I am going threw with it. We know alot of people are going to disagree with us and put us down for raising a child in a same-sex home. I don't see a problem with it, people do it everyday. As long as the child is loved and taken care of and I know we will be wonderful parents.

So I would just like to hear some of you guys opinions. Do you think its wrong to raise a child in a same-sex home? and why?

Please no rude post please....
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replied June 6th, 2012
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So this is my opinion.

It does not matter what the gender of parents are. What is important is to bring up a child in a loving, caring and balanced environment. What matters is bringing up the child in a stable loving family where emotional as well as physical needs can be met. There are so many traditional families that should not have children, that I do not think the gender of parents are important.

Research that we see about kids brought up in same gender families are invariably found to be linked to groups with political roots, rather than real research.

Something to consider is what the relationship with her brother will be like? Will he be the baby's dad? How will you explain it when the time arrives?

Best of luck with your decision!
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replied June 7th, 2012
Thank you Kristigraham! I totally agree! When she first brought the idea of her brother being the sperm donar, I was freaked out by it at first but the more I thought about it I was ok with it. Its not like we are going to have sex. He is just donating his sperm to us so the baby will be apart of her family also. Her brother will not act out as the babys father. He is perfectly fine with donating and letting us raise the child and he being the uncle. I do wonder about what if later in the childs life he or she finds out that its "uncle" is really its biological father. i just don't want the child growing up confused being in a same-sex home and not having a "father", even though she plays the role as the "guy" in the relationship. I mean will the child call her "daddy"? It is a little confusing. Thank you for you response!
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