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Raised Bump on Penis

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For a long time I've had Fordyce spots under the skin of my penis. Recently, I've started having raised bumps along the shaft and below the head of my penis. I first felt the bumps while using moisturizing lotion down there while masturbating. I had a few more spots like this one directly under the head, but scratching it made it bleed and then fade away. They're not itchy. Recently, my girlfriend, whom I've had unprotected sex with, had irregular cells on her cervix in her yearly pap, so we think she might have hpv. I've been told that the strain of hpv that causes cancer will not cause warts to form, but I'm unsure. Could this be a zit caused by using too much lotion, or something more serious? 2 pictures are included in the link below.

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replied May 22nd, 2012
Community Volunteer
Best to check with your doctor.
Could possibly be infected hair follicles which occur
along the shaft and by using moisturiser may block them.
Also some underwear material can cause irritation to
them as well, might be worth trying cotton.
Could the spots under the head be pearly penile papules
which are not a problem as most uncircumcised men have them.
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