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radial nerve damage from heavy computer use

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I went to an orthopedic doctor and was diagnosed with tendinitis of the radial nerve and went to physical therapy for five months, which helped immensely. My pain was on a scale of an 11. When I started physical therapy it was to the point I could not walk around my home without having my arm elevated by the time I was done, physical therapy five months later (5 weeks ago) I was feeling great, however I am starting to feel pain again. And because of the kind of agony I was and I'm very concerned.

Do I need to give see a nerve specialist? do I go back to my orthopedic doctor?or should I just give it time to heal? I have completely changed my work habits,I hardly type anymore, instead I use dictation software which helps a lot, I purchased a trackball mouse, which also helps. However, I guess because of the kind of damage I did to my arm, small things make it flare up.

unfortunately I have no other choice but to work at the computer it is my business and my livelihood, and I just have no other choice. So, I am trying my best to adjust my situation and alleviate the time I spend on the computer.

the pain that I have is mainly on the inside of my elbow, and usually travels up the outer part of my upper arm. However my hand is fine.

Are there braces out there that can help?I am completely lost on what to do. When my physical therapy ended my orthopedic doctor gave me another prescription for more therapy. However, as a physical therapist said that all of my goals were met. And there is nothing more they could do. Just looking for a little bit of advice. Thanks for listening
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replied December 1st, 2010
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Hi bullynj and welcome to ehealth: You may want to do what I did to stop my problems...I, too, was typing higher on the table then I had been taught to in high school...We brought one of those U shaped desk deals with a pull out drawer for the keyboard...There I type as I was taught to type in high school many years ago...It completely stopped my problem...It's comfortable and it sure works for me...You may want to give it a try...Take care...

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