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Radial head fracture immobilisation time

Hello everybody, I fell from a bike on 30.4. a have broken my radial head. I visited to doctor first after 4 days (3.5.), he made an X ray and gave me a sling with another X ray in one week. Next week with another X ray, he told me to wear the sling till 27.5. That will be 3 and half weeks with sling. I wonder, if this time isnt too much, as I have read about the elbow stifness etc...

Here is a link for my X Rays: /AAD3vAKgBbePJuq_3gM4484na

One is from 3.5 (4 days after fracture, the one with date), another two from 10.5. ( 10 days from fracture)

Thanks for your help, best regards Milan

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