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racing heart beat while laying down?

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hey guys, this is my first post on this forum and i would really appreciate any sort of feedback. also, if i am not posting in the correct forum, please direct me to the right place.

anyway, for quite some time now, i've had a lot of trouble taking naps during the day. I usually take naps frequently because, lets face it, college students don't run on much sleep.

When i lay down to take a nap, maybe about 5-10 minutes into laying down, my heart starts to race, almost as if i'm having a mini anxiety attack. I'm as calm as can be at that point, yet it still happens every single time. I have nothing major going on in my life at the moment, so i don't think i can find something that could be triggering this.

Anyway, when i open or close my eyes, i feel like my eyes are spinning around the room for a couple seconds, and it makes me feel a bit dizzy for another couple. the whole experience leaves my body very weak and limp and on most occasions makes me feel sick to my stomach.

i've been taking an anxiety medication for quite some time now, along with a beta blocker to help my heart rate because it wasn't as normal as it should be. I've had plenty of tests taken: stress test, ekg, emg, cat scan, holter moniter, everything i can think of to find out what is causing this. im quite convinced that this is not anxiety, but i really wouldn't know at this point.

this ONLY happens during the day when i'm trying to take a nap. it never happens at night. the reason it irritates me is because there will be times where it makes my body feel so blah that i won't get up to go to class, and i need to do that.
anyone have any idea or probing questions that might lead to an answer? please let me know.
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