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racing heart and high blood pressure

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I am a 50 yr. old female 5'1" 114 pounds. Beside having joint pain my entire adult life (never confirmed with arthritus or lupus). I've been in the military for 30 years. I have always been active. My BP has always been on the low side 98/68 with a resting heart rate of 64. Approx 1 year ago I had shoulder surgery and because of lack of PT I got "Frozen Shoulder" I was on A LOT of pain medication miroxecam, morphine, vicodin, and ambion until I could have a procedure to break the arm free. All is going well in PT and after 6 wks of PT and have reduced my pain meds to 2 vicodin per day and miroxicam 1 per day. All seemed like is was qoing well until 2 days after my procedure my heart started racing even when I was resting or sleeping. I'd wake up from a nap and my heart would be beating 100 bpm and do as high as 120. I was told to go the emergancy room and have an EKG. The EKG was fine, while I was monitored my HR was 110bpm. My BP has also gone up from what was my normal 98/68 to as high 145/80 or average of 131/74. My doctor put me on metopolol 25mg 2x a day. And told me to drink 2 liters of Gatorade a day. But I still don't know why this could be happening. Could this racing hear be caused by stress or the side effect of the miroxicam. It's been difficult to get my VA doctor to give me answers. Can someone give me some questions to ask to help understand whats going on with me?
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replied May 15th, 2009
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Tachycardia or rapid heart beat can be a side effect of Meloxicam, or it can happen when a patient is withdrawing from the painkillers.
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