Hi i'm in the process of taking rabies vaccination as a precautionary measure due to a bite I got from my pet dog who was dieing of old age. She died the next day. The wound I had was just the teeth marks. The skin was red a bit but No blood. The dog was vaccinated for rabies last in 2010. So because she died as precautionary measure i'm taking the vaccinations... I have one more injection left ( the last one out of 4 which they say is required because the dog passed away and they dont know whether it had it or not).

So my question is, is it not safe to kiss my partner etc until all vaccinations are done?
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replied January 10th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Rabies is passed by the saliva. But, you are probably safe to kiss your partner.

Unless you think that there was a very high liklihood that your deceased pet came into contact with an infected animal and subsequentally became infected, you are probably not infected also.

I understand the need for the precautionary treatment after your pet died. Of course, if possible, your physician could have had the brain of your pet examined for the rabies virus (which is usually how it is determined if an animal has the disease), and you would not have had to take the injections. But, that is neither hear nor there now.

So, since it is probably a very low chance that your pet had rabies, and you have nearly completed the series of totally precautionary injections, you are probably pretty safe in kissing your partner.

Good luck.
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replied January 12th, 2013
yea mate thanks. Anybody else got any advice as well?

Thanks again gaelic for the reply. appreciate it
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