To keep this brief - I may have had an unprotected sexual encounter (the condom fell off some point after I ejaculated, and I’m not sure if I was still inside of my partner for the remaining 15-20 seconds of the encounter - she was just finishing up her period at the time as well, but I didn’t notice any visible blood on me or the condom). I had some flu-type symptoms at about 7 days following the encounter. I have since taken several tests, all with negative results:

4th generation blood test at 21 days
2 oraquick tests at 4-5 weeks
3rd generation blood test at 9 weeks
Oraquick test at 11 weeks
Oraquick year at 13 weeks

I’m just having anxiety about this and would like another opinion on whether I’m freaking out unnecessarily about potentially being positive. I will be following up with another test at the 6 month mark, but just trying to make sure I stay level headed and reasonable right now.
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