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Quitting OC by takin Suboxin ?

My boyfriend has been addicted to oc for a long time and has been wanting to quit. He has tried quiting cold turkey but just cant. He was able to lower how much he was taken to about 60mg a day. He wants to try suboxin cause he heard he it works. the only problem is we cant afford to go to a doctor. Now he found a way to get it but doesnt no how much he should take and how often and for how long he should take it. If anybody has any ideas please tell me.
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replied January 3rd, 2010
my father-in-law is heavily addicted to oxy.... has been for about five years- over the last year and a half is when it has been getting way too serious.
and like your boyfriend he's tried the whole quitting cold turkey- and switching to other pills- none of it lasts though- if you're boyfriend is trying to get help then he should tried rehab. we've been pushing my father-in-law to go to rehab but he's so far in his addiction that he doesnt think he has a problem.... even though in the last three months he has overdosed twice to the point where he stopped breathing and it took the paramedics to bring him back. so ive seen the truly dark side to this addiction hun-- get him into rehab while you still can.
best of luck!
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replied January 6th, 2010
we have been talkin about rehab. it took him a long time to admit he has a problem to. this drug has almost killed him 3 times. if this doesnt work he has agreed to go into rehab in the summer. Right now he just wants to try this option cuz he is in college and doesnt wanna lose his scholorship and his job. if by summer he hasnt impoved he will go into rehab.
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