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Questions for getting off of perphenazine and cogentin

I have a few questions about getting off of perphenzaine and cogentin.

I have been on this two medications for a over 10 years. The last doctor suggested to take me off of them, but I had problems getting off them. Now I switched nurse practitioner. This one says I will be on them forever. What would be some ways of asking to get off this medication through a the new nurse practitioner? What key general factors for keeping a person on these medication for such a long time.
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replied October 27th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

It really depends upon what you are taking the medicines for. Perphenazine is usually prescribed for schizophrenia and Cogentin is for tremors caused by medical conditions or certain medicines.

If you need to be on the medication, it is usually best to follow the advise of your health care providers.

But, both of these medicines should never to stopped abruptly. If necessary to stop the medication, then a slow taper under medical supervision is advised.

Again, if you need to be on the medicine, stay on it.

Good luck.
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