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I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago but I was able to manage it without medication until recently. My grades started to drop and I couldn't concentrate at all so my shrink and I decided to start adderall. It wasn't my first choice of medication but I had recently been tested to see what medication would work best for me because I've had problems with medication and finding one that works right. This test pretty much said that any other drug other than adderall wouldn't work well if at all and my body metabolizes adderall quickly. Because of all of this my shrink gave a perception of 30mg ir. She gave me the ir because I wanted it only for the school day. After two two weeks of starting it feels like it doesn't do anything anymore, it still helps me concentrate but not as well and not for as long. At this point I should mention that I struggle with moderate depression and anxiety and after starting adderall I've noticed that my overall anxiety and feeling of depression as gone up. This now leads me to my questions:

Question 1: Is 30mg a high starting dosage? I have a few friends that take adderall and they only take about 5mg-15mg.

Question 2: Is it normal to develop a tolerance this quickly to this drug?

Question 3: Is the increased anxiety and feelings of depression normal side effect when taking adderall and, if so, does it eventually get better? This is a more important question for me because these are things I've had problem for many years and I've only recently been able to come off of zoloft and buspar and I don't want to have to get back on them because I've started taking another med.
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First Helper UpcomingWhale

replied July 16th, 2017
It's definitely common to adapt to stimulants VERY FAST. Don't worry you are fine. 30 is a pretty high starting dose especially with IR. I took 10 mg IR 2x/Day and I felt tired constantly so I switched to Straterra, then Ritalin, then Concerta, and now VyVanse at 60-70 mg as I am playing with the dose. The concentration and depression euphoria only lasted 24 hours for me. It will not return unless you quit all the stimulants and restart it later after you have desensitized or reuptake to the medicine. I don't mean to depress you but our bodies are made to become tolerant to dopamine/adernaline/norep fast. The way these meds works it will do that every time you restart the med (the great feeling will last only a very short time). It sucks but oh well I mean if you take it only as needed that can help that but if you're like me and take it every day, there is not way you will get that euphoria back but who the heck cares you know? We don't need euphorias to be happy it's main purpose is to help you focus after all. If you don't like IR you can always switch to capsules or talk to your doctor about another medicine or medicine combo. I used to take Zoloft/Buspar/VyVanse so I know what you mean by that and I hate SSRI's with a passion. I think they drain energy from me and do nothing but make me want to sleep. They do help my mood but they make me gain weight, have sexual libido issues, get tired, etc. and I can't live on those because I hate those problems. Just hang in there and do whatever you have to do to feel right with yourself and get by in life. There's no right or wrong with psychiatric medicines and nobody can judge what works best but you. No doctor can ever be a better judge than you are of yourself. Take care and best of luck. PM me if you ever want to as well Smile
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