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Question on Lymph node excision from Neck

I recently went to the ENT specialist since I have been spitting blodd on and off for 2 years, continuously since
Feb 2011.

I had gone to a pulmonologist in Sept 2011 and had chest ct scan, bronchoscopy and chest Xray all came back fine.
The ENT put me on Anibiotics for 20 days( Amoxcillin).The blood has stopped for now.
I went to him on a wednesday (Nov 2011) and the week before I had had
body pain, fever for a day (99.3) and ear ache. He sent me for an MRI since he found the neck lymph nodes swollen.

I had a MRI done a week after my infection. MRI said I has 16mm swollen lymph lode on left side of neck and 9 x12 mm on right side.
He suggested a ultrsound of the neck area. The ultrasound showed I have prominent bilateral lymph nodes upto 2.5 cm on right and 2.2 on left. A core needle biopsy was done on left and right. They did not get enough material for right ; on the
left side it said small aggregates of lymphocytes with crush artifact - Does that mean the material was contaminated? Will the result not be accurate?
The comment was -No malignancy detected.

Does it safely rule out malignancy or Should I also do a lymph node excision?
Right now the doctor has ordered a cat scan of the neck area before he decides on the excision. Will that tell something more than the MRI and core needle biopsy?

I had had a cbc on Oct 25 this year with Man def -that was normal.
The doctor also checked ace levels which was at 53 for me which I believe is right at the normal range.
Thank you so much for your response in advance.
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