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Question for all Neurologists Diagnostic Mystery-

Summary- Chronic spinal pain throughout spine, from lumbar to head. Always present. Much more pronounced with motions, and being upright. Settles down when lying down.

Symptoms- Burning stinging pain up and down spine. Feels like severe heartburn pain but deep within the back along the whole length right in the middle.
Pins and needles pulsating mostly in arms hands fingers both sides. Occasionally in the legs and feet. Headaches are present in the back of the head. They are not the traditional headache pain but more pressure with stinging burning.
sometimes have brain fog, balance issues, and always feel exhausted.

Tests- many many blood tests. standard and the "out of the box" blood tests. Most have been repeated 2 or 3 X.
Xrays, CT, and 5 MRI's of my spine have all been negative.
2 Lumbar punctures. Both times only showing somewhat higher levels of protein yet everything else normal.
EKG,EMG,Bone Scans,- all normal.
All the physical exams. ( despite pins and needles effect, I still have feeling in all limbs, no apparent weakness.)

Treatments- All traditional treatments aggravate the situation. (accupuncture , pressure, chiropractic,physical therapies, )
Non traditional- Naturopathic osteopathic treatments of all kinds.
Heat and cold therapies, diet changes, all have had no effect.

Ruling out- All major and common diseases disorders have been ruled out. i.e Lupus, MS, Lyme, Fibro Myalgia, RA, and related ones. Not travelled anywhere in tropical zones.

This has been ongoing for 2 years, with general backpain and conditions for 7 years. Last 2 years have significantly gotten worse and primarily the last year has rendered me to disability and not able to work anymore. It is all motion and gravity based and does not involve muscle problems as i have full motion albeit with pain. Both neurologists firmly believe there is something going on in the spinal cord but are unable to find any source or clues as to what.

I am based in Vancouver BC Canada and have 2 of the best neurologists working on this yet they are stumped. Any insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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replied December 18th, 2010
peripheral neuropathy
just a thought but have you looked at peripheral neuropathy? sounds like a central nervous system problem. The headache, burning, exhaustion and pins-and-needles in the hands and feet fit with mononeuropathy. sorry if this is no help or has been ruled out, I'm just young and interested in medical things and I remember reading about peripheral neuropathy.
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