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Question about schizophrenia

Hello I have a question to ask here about schizophrenia. I have an acquaintance who has told me that he was diagnosed with a slight case of schizophrenia. This person then told me that as a result they do not sleep on a normal sleeping schedule; because if they do they will gradually turn into another person. I did not go further with questions because I wasn't comfortable asking these personal questions at the time. Now this person usually doesn't sleep very often and stays up for days straight. So I know the person doesn't sleep in general. I am just wondering if there is any truth to this statement, I am worried and want to learn more but dont know where to start.

Thank you
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replied November 17th, 2008
You can get more caught up in the voices at bed times. Mostly I found though that it was when I was alone. This person needs someone by his side like a prent or family memebr or someone to help ease his mind when it wandrs.
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replied November 25th, 2008
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Your friend needs to consult with a doctor and get treatment. He sounds like he is experiencing some exacerbation in his disorder and needs to get help.
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replied December 1st, 2008
tiredness will cause voices etc to happen more as he wont be alert as he eould be earlier in the day.
not sleeping also will do him mental harm as the body wont be fresh so he isnt doing himself any favours. i myself fear sleeping. see a doctor , it may take him sometime to get better as looking for the right medication thats works on him can be tricky/
good luck
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