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Question about Schizophrenia and court..

I suffer from a mild case of Schizophrenia and ive been off my meds with little to no attacks for close to a year now... However I just recently got a drug paraphernalia charge since two people my friend brought over to my house brought a bong without my knowledge then made a ton of noise, got the cops called and pointed the finger at me for ownership. As such I have to appear in court and I'm extremely worried about the added stress and anxiety of going to court (I have serious anxiety around people and it will be an open court, with at least 30-40 people there and you have to stand in front of all of them and explain your case...) that it will provoke an attack. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia over a year ago and it is on my medical records... Now my question is.... If there is anyway I not appear in court to not provoke an attack and embarrase myself in front of all these people or do they honestly not care if you suffer from an illness such as this and force you to appear anyway?

- Also if you're curious as to why I am off my meds, it is because they severly impaired my judgement and cognition and my short term memory was complete crap. I'm currently studying for med school and I *can't* have bad memory because it is more than crucial that i remember everything i am presented.

I thank anyone for any help they provide.
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