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Question about hearing voices.

So I often hear my parents talking about me in the back of my mind, usually talking about the choices I'm making in life and if I'm an okay person or not. I know I have a deep fear of my parents not approving of my lifestyle choices and am worried the voices may be a sign of paranoid schizophrenia. I know I can't actually be hearing my parents talk because I live almost an hour away and even when I did live with them, I would set things up to try and see if they were talking about me and would find them on opposite ends of the house just moments after hearing the voices. Sometimes I hear my friends talking about me or a girl I like will be talking about me with her friends, but I have trouble making out what's being said when they talk, and I'll be trying to make it out and it will sound like something I think they might say. I've experimented somewhat with hallucinogenics and smoked pot fairly often for a year or two, which I know may be somewhat related. Any replies would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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replied February 4th, 2011
Reply to Hearing Voices
It sounds to me more like you have an overactive mind or imagination than a true case of paranoid schizophrenia. The fact that you know you are not actually hearing your parents shows an important self-awareness that a true paranoid schizophrenic would probably not have. It does seem however that you do have a tendancy towards paranoia, which you fortunately recognize and which can still be dealt with, especially if you can see a counselor or therapist. A therapist would also help you through the individuation process you are going through with your parents, and the fears you have about them and your friends.

And yes, the hallucinogenics and pot can contribute to your sense of 'hearing voices'. Maybe it's time to clean out your system for awhile.

Good luck!
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