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Question about chiropractics and TMJ


I have been having severe TMJ pain for several months (about 6) that makes it hard for me to concentrate on work or school work on a daily basis and is fairly constant - from morning to night. It is also hard to sleep at night because of the pain.

I have been to several different doctors and dentists about the problem. I went to a dentist who specializes in TMJ disorders and he suggested a 3-month treatment for it. The treatment was very expensive, however, and not covered by insurance.

Getting to the point, I recently started seeing a chiropractor about my problem (I've only seen him 3 times so far, for this past week). He's been using this tool called an "activator" to adjust my jaw. So far, the pain has been greatly increased, though! I had been eating soft foods for a while, so I was keeping the pain at a manageable level, but now it is constant again and feels worse than it did before.

My question is: With chiropractic treatment, is it normal for the pain to be worse at first before it gets better? Or is it a bad sign if this is happening?

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