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Question about abortion and fathers choice.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and I want to know others opinions on abortion and fathers choice. It is funny because many times it comes down to it is a women's right to "choose" to have an abortion. This could be for many physical and financial reasons. Well how about the fathers right to choose. What if a father doesn't want to have the child. In our society his rights and situation are not even considered. When a father is looked at it is in regards to responsibility (a label society puts on him). So if he aborts his child (walks away from the mother and child if the mother chooses to keep the child) society puts long and life altering restrictions on the father as punishment for him having sex. But for the mother (if she chooses to abort) there are no societal reifications. She never has to tell anyone and she remains within her social groups and doesn't get ostracized. It just seems to be a double standard that our society and law has taken into affect. It almost seems that if a couple have sex then these things should happen (if we truly want an equal society where everyone is equal) that when a baby is conceived we would:

1) If the mother and father conceive a child together than a legal document is signed. At the point of the legal document being signed:
a) Mother and father of said fetus decide on abortion the child is aborted.
b) Mother decides to abort and father doesn't mother carries child to term, father pays all expenses and takes child at end of term. Mother is then not responsible for child after it is born.
c) Mother decides to keep the child and father wants to abort. The mother carries the child to term and mother pays all expenses and takes the child at the end of the term. Father is then not responsible for the child after it is born.
d) Father and Mother want child. Then they both are responsible and raise the child as per our current law system.

As for the argument that it is your body and you can do what you want with it. Yes it is your body and you did what you wanted with it (gotten pregnant). At the point your rights are just the same as the fathers. I just believe very strongly that our system is setup to not be equal to the mother or father.
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replied April 8th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
The simple answer is that if a man does not want to risk a pregnancy over which he has no say, he should not have sex, or he should be sterilised.

As it happens, I think that there should be a legally-enforceable document where a couple agrees before having sex that no pregnancy is intended, and that either
(a) an abortion will take place or
(b) if the woman opts to continue with the pregnancy and keep the child, then the man's responsibility is limited to X amount (either the cost of the abortion or 50% of the cost of delivery) and
(c) if the woman opts to continue with the pregnancy and offer the child for adoption, the man has the option of taking over parental responsibility.

Note that I would exclude the option of agreeing in advance that no abortion will take place, because I would not under any circumstances rescind a woman's right to choose not to continue a pregnancy for whatever reason, and I don't think the man gets a vote on that.
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replied March 29th, 2012
HI there sounds to me that its the old gender argument going on here? When in fact it is above all gender. What I mean is the real question is not whom decides but wether that decision is A) legal B) moral and C) serves justice and to whom
such justice is served? Also, the way I look at things the cronological age of a person may be more than a child but: socially, psychological or even Physically(with physical disabilities and the elderly)the induvidual may be less able than their chronological age may predict. hence this is also a consideration when thinking on the moral implications of life termination..if indeed the existance of a featus is classed as life? which note is one aspect of the debate.
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