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Almost a month ago I was with a female friend. We were messing around. She had here finger in her vagina, she pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth. Eventually she give me oral but I did not put my mouth or penis on her vagina. We did not have sex either. Other than her giving me oral and her finger in my mouth, that is all we did.

Five days later the underside of my tongue became red and sore when I moved my tongue around in my mouth. My throat was kind of red but not really sore, just kind of scratchy feeling. After about 4 or 5 days the redness under my tongue went away and the soreness also went away. About 3 weeks after being with my friend, my anus became kind of itchy, mainly when I was hot or did any sweating. There was never any pain involved with my anus, just a little bit itchy. After about a week, my anus is a lot better. I have never found any type of bumps or rash on or around my anus, it was just a little bit red inside of it.

I have never found any type of rash, sores, lesions, or bumps on my penis or genitals. To this day my throat is still kind of red on the tonsils, but my throat does not hurt and there is no pain when swallowing. The biggest concern is why my throat seems to still be sort of red. I am curious if it is possible that I could contract any type of STD from my friend's finger when it entered my mouth. My worry is something that is not curable like HIV, Herpes, or HPV. Does any of these symptoms sound familiar?

I have done a lot of reading online and I worry I may have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea of the throat. My biggest fear is HIV. I plan to go get tested soon but have not had the time with my busy lifestyle.

About a year and half ago I tested positive for NGU that I was treated for a the time and was told that the medication would take care of the NGU. Other than that I have never had an STD and have only had a small amount of sex partners.
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