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Queen of hearts be a cruel mistress

Hey, just joined the board after realizing I have a big weight to get off my back.

I am 17 and, you guess it, forever single

Or so it would seem. I know 17 is a tad young to worry, but it's hard not too. I am able to put a smile on for the day but at night when I go to rest I practically hold back tears. I know it's not everything in life but I just feel like something is wrong with me that makes me repulsive. I can be a tad zealious and talkative but since when is that a crime. Perhaps I'm just annoying?
What the problem is not just the idea of being forever single but what I am doing to drive girls (among others) away

Appreciate it if people take the time to read my silly Mumblings so thanks to hose who did
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replied December 10th, 2012
No 17 is not at all too young to worry. 17 is too young for you to be feeling so helpless that you give up.

Now I'm being a little presumptuous here. I'm assuming that either you don't have any friends or you do have friends but it is a little tight nit group where you guys play video games, ride bikes together, etc.. and you all don't frequently socialize with and accept new people.

You need to make more friends and hang out with them if you want to find a girl. You need the social connections to give you common ground and access to the girls. Yeah it is possible to get some dates and start a relationship from scratch but that doesn't seem to be working for you.

- join clubs and hang out with them outside of sessions

- do sports and hang out with your teammates outside of training

- make friends who hang out at food centers/ malls/ each other's houses.. at your age they are most likely drinking under age and doing stupid stuff but hang out with them anyways. They have the fun personality girls are looking for.

Making guy friends is a first step. They give you connections to gatherings where you'll run into the girls.

Even being friends with girls that you don't want to date will work. Just be your current self and they should be auto friend zoned with time. When you meet a girl you like you need to occasionally give her a short+light touch on the arm for example, when you tell her something exciting, something embarrassing, or tease her about something. It helps prevent being friend zoned and makes you two connect emotionally.

And why not read a bunch of dating books? Wink
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