Hi I was having so much pain for days and did not know what was going on I finally woke my husband up at 5 in the monring telling him I can't take this pain any more he took me to the hospital. They did blood work, EKG, chest x-ray and they started putting nitro pills under my tonge. The doctor came in and said there is an ambulance on it's way to take you to another hospital that I needed the a pursedure done I was so overwhelmed I was not understanding. I went to my doctor 2 weeks before telling her I was in pain she said it was acid reflex if it did not get better then she would run tests I went back the following week and was told it was acid reflex that was on a Friday from that point on I was in very severe pain the folling Tuesday I was on my way from the first hospital to another one. They were waiting for me to get there took me up to the cath lab they went up through my groin did the dye and ballon I had a 95% blockage and a 99% blockage I had 3 stents. I was in such shock it all happened so fast. Then that night it hit me I had a heart attack or more maybe more and didn't even know it. I had the surgery done on May 4 it has been over 2 weeks now I don't go back to my heart doctor until June. I am just so scared because I don't know what is going to happen to me next.

I am 62 years old is my quility of life gone? I just have so many questions for my heart doctor I have been told that I will have to go through rehab then what will I be able to do the things I did before the heart attack.
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replied October 5th, 2010
Lyn, sorry to trouble you, how did you get on after.
what advice was you given.
I am trying to find out from people as I felt my husband was not given the right advice.

Regards Lorraine
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