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Q: Magnesium and Calcium

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I've been suffering from severe anxiety for several years. I'm 27yr old man.

Recently, I read about connection between magnesium and anxiety that is all over the web. So, I had been taking some good quality magnesium supplement for a month or so. Nothing improved except my skin became very prone to cuts and depressed a little more. The tips of my two fingers easily got cut when I tried to open shampoo cap and plastic boxes. I do not think it is a coincidence :p

So, I read from another website that if magnesium supplement worsens symptoms, I may be deficient in Calcium rather than magnesium. In fact, I stopped drinking milk since years ago once I started to develop lactose intolerance. My vowels just couldn't resist it. Also, I do not consume dairy regularly. So, I thought it's worth a try.

I grabbed a decent Calcium/Magnesium 2:1 ratio with Vitamin D pills. I took it for several days, and it made whole lot of difference! I went to a mall all by myself and not much anxiety as before (I also have agoraphobia btw). I was the first time I felt like I became almost NORMAL as before in those many years.

However, even though it is really helping with my anxiety, I've been getting really bad pain from back of the neck to tip of my arms. It is really bad. I am not sure if it's the muscle or bone, but when I'm extremely anxious and touch my shoulder muscles they are very tight and painful. On the other hand, right now, my muscles are soft, so it's more convincing it's the bone pain rather than the tight muscles. Is this a sign that my bones are recovering or I already have enough calcium and over feeding my body with calcium? I read about calcium deposits in shoulders but I doubt the possibility since I definitely wasn't consuming daily requirement for calcium for years since I stopped taking milk.

Can someone help me out if have knowledge in this kind of issue? I'm not sure if I should stop taking the supplement. Thank you,
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First Helper anonyjjang

replied April 22nd, 2011
I suffered from severe anxiety and OCD for most of my life, too. Started taking calcium supplements a year ago when my dentist suggested the excessive bone loss in my teeth could be caused by insufficent calcium levels. Well, the calcium did a lot more than improving my teeth and gums. It reduced my anxiety and OCD symptoms to a low level I never experienced before. I didn't know life could be so easy. I just wish someone had told me about calcium 20 years ago.
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