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PVL- twitching

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Ok my daughter was born 4 months early, and as a result had a bleed on her brain, they are yet to do an MRI scan to see exactly where all the damage is. But from the scans they can see their is a lot of damage..
My daughter is now 9 months, 5 months corrected, she is still very tiny!
i started weening her a few weeks ago and she has livened up/changed so much! she only smiled a handful of times since her corrected age was 6 weeks, and she seemed really irritated 90% of the time
But since i started to ween her she smiles giggles, coos, gurgles, rolls.. and she is in no way as "grumpy" as she was brings tears to my eyes now cuz i feel like i have been waiting ages for her to be like this..
But i have also noticed.. she sometimes, has an all over twitch .. like her whole body twitches.. its not often.. ive noticed it once.. a day at most..
her consultant is off for two weeks.. and i just want to prepare myself, so basically what i am asking is, what could these twitches be signs of?- if anything.. thank you for your help
G.B x
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replied June 24th, 2009
Hi my daughter is still in the NICU and was born at 27 weeks. She had a level 1 grade bleed since birth but now was found by an ultrasound that she has something called PVL which is still not confirmed because she needs an MRI or Cat Scan. Which is because she has cyst in the brain which is delaying her respitory, feeding and she has twicthes they thought were seizures but she had an EEG test done and they came out negative. She is doesn't open her eyes much, smiles or do any facial expressions and has been off the sedation medication for over a week. Not sure if this helps. Maybe the twitch is related to brain bleed consult anyone in you doctor's office you shouldn't wait.
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replied June 27th, 2009
yes my daughter had this done on the neonatal units too.
She use to have twitches on the ward too but she grew out of it as she gained weight, she twitched her feet or arms.. but now since i started weaning her,ive noticed her whole body twitches..
Thank you.
By the way i hope your daughter is well Smile GL
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